O-Gauge Track Scrubbing Car


Each track scrubbing car is hand made using quality materials.

By incorporating a 30 degree across the rail scrubbing action it significantly quickens cleaning of the rails.
A wider area of the foam roller contacts each rail (15mm of contact versus 1.5mm for a straight roller or pad).
Roller absorbs ten times the amount of dirt over a straight line.
Offset rollers can clean all three rails on main lines and down to sharp O-27 curves.
The height and angle of each roller is easily adjustable.
O-Gauge weighs 2.4 pounds, Standard is 3.8 pounds, G Scale is 3.8 pounds.
Reasonably priced.
Replacement scrubbing rollers are easily available at low-cost.
Cleans better than any other cars on the market today!

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